We also had in mind the millions of Portuguese who live far from Portugal and who, through FEITORIA, can feel closer to their homeland.

By having us travel around the villages to collect these valuable artworks and sell them directly to you at a reasonable price, apart from earning some pocket money for us, we trust this would be a better way in promoting them to audiences that are of different cultures, nationalities and backgrounds. We hope this would create a win-win-win for you, us and the craftsman we work with.

In signing up to our Newsletter you will get to know our country better, our recipes, our production methods, regions, craftsmen and much more. By clicking the Links button you can learn about other projects we are involved in and which reflect the lifestyles we believe in.

We welcome your suggestions and if you are seeking a Portuguese product that you cannot find in our catalogue, send us an email and we will do everything to locate it and dispatch it to you.
Fair Trade
When you buy a FEITORIA product you can be sure that:
You are paying a fair price to the producer (craftsman) protected from market manipulation.
All products are produced or made in Portugal.
You are helping to establish long-lasting business relations, paying for the product in advance and in so doing allowing long-term planning.
You are rejecting exploitation through child labour.
You are defending equal work equal pay between men and women.

1- This Project as been suported, in part, by the National Institut for Employment and Professional Forming (IEFP)

2- Photo credits: Gra├ža Melo, Alexandra Melo

3- Somo photos from the catalogue where kindely assign by IEFP.